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Two dating sweden saltsjöbaden in Saltsjöbaden: Skutudden and Igelboda Skutudden In my mother lived here at Skutudden in a house which is now demolished.

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The crofter family was an old couple living with their two cows and a pig. They grew what was needed for their animals and themselves and certainly, fishing was of great importance. At that time the landscape was open and light - nowadays it is quite dark because of all trees.

Though still in when my mother used to take me here, this was still a beautiful and light farming landscape. Dating two samples from the cottage When the croft cottage was renovated almost all replaced old wood was thrown away and burnt. Only two pieces were left, which I later got for a dendrochronological investigation.

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Accordingly we have reasons to guess that the house is partly built out of reused wood bought from elsewhere. More samples from the cottage might reveal more of the story of this building.

In the middle of the cut we can see half a hole for a dowel a thick stick possibly used as support for a plank to walk on along the wall during house building. The diameter of the hole is 35 millimetres 1.

The length of the hole is 80 millimetres 3. The fact that the block is cut across the whole might indicate that the block with its hole has been reused for a second house.

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This is how it looks when old timber has been reused when a house was built. We find holes, grooves and notches which were created for the first building.

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SNSU01 - The piece from has red paint on what has been the outside. The inner side has been tapped with small pins which certainly have been used to support clay plaster on the wall. How was this dating done? The wood is infested by the common furniture beetle Anobium punctatum.

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Two radii were measured with CooRecorder. The data was then imported into CDendro and a mean value curve was created out of the two radii. Lower curves are ring widths, upper curves are normalized values. The mean value curve of the two radii was then compared to a mean value curve from the nearby island of Nämdö some 17 miles East of Saltsjöbaden. Our curve from Saltsjöbaden does not reach longer back than to the year with at least three trees behind each ring width value.

So it is not very useful in this case.

До сих пор помню тот Когда Роберт взорвался, Элли сперва отодвинулась, и пока она слушала мужа, держа его за руку, беспокойство ее сделалось очевидным. - Я сказала это, Роберт, так как уверена в том, что конфликт между октопауками и людьми следует остановить любой ценой.

At least we need some rings to make a reliable dating, here we have only Also, the TTest-value T-value should be well above 5 to make a dating reliable.

Here the highest is only 3.

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With that command and "With condensed report" checked, we will get a list with the best matching years - one from each of these 37 members. For this test, our undated sample should be the reference in CDendro! T- Over Corr Test lap Year all Year numbers occurring more than once: 7 4 2 2 2 The year is apparently some sort of favourite!

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If we now provisionally date our sample towe can use the Test Towards DATED Reference command to get a list showing how well all our 37 samples match at that year. By then using only the nine best matching dating sweden saltsjöbaden, we get this result "With condensed report" still checked!

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Such high values usually indicate a reliable dating! Doing an analysis as for the other sample with a collection of 37 mean value curves from the surrounding areas, we get the following best matches: T- Over Corr Test lap Year all With the sample dated to and with only the nine best matching mean value curves selected: T- Over Corr Test lap all The measurement series are available within this.

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Lindberg: Saltsjöbadens historia, SNIT This sample comes from dating sweden saltsjöbaden external wall as seen by the red paint. It has been infested by small and big woodworms - the common furniture beetle Anobium punctatum and the house longhorn beetle old-house borer, Hylotrupes bajulus.

When the old croft cottage was demolished inI got two samples, one from a wall near the entrance and the other from a stock laying on the ground partly in the clay under the chimney shaft. That command will find the best matching year for each member. T- Over Corr Test lap all The table above clearly shows that is a correct dating kopparmora kvinna söker man the sample that was picked up from the ground in the clay under the chimney shaft.

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A few rings may be missing in the outermost part of the stock - meaning that the tree was cut some years after - though I do not think so!