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King in Sweden Been 43 years.

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The source of Bo Eriksson - In the shadow of the throne, biography of Per Brahe d is the date of death to February 24th. He was deposed in What is known about her is that she was very beautiful and therefore bore the nickname Charitas.

According to documents in private ownership, Agda is said to have owned a painful and beautiful plant with fine oval face, large deep blue eyes and light brown hair.

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After his death Agda resumed the relationship with the king and then the daughter Lucretia was born. Received in the donation church ceremony of two parishes in Boberg's homestead, as well as Bocksjö, a mantal farm, by Duke Karl's letter.


Owned together with her husband Ramsnäs farm in Finnerödja sn. Through Arboga's articles inErik strengthened the National Assembly and acquired, through the establishment of a Supreme Court, the Supreme Court of the King High Councilwith Jöran Persson in the lead, a tool for his personal power. He began the expansive Swedish Baltic Sea policy through the acquisition of Estonia in and came to war with Denmark and Lübeck inunder which he proved to possess military organizational capacity.

The domestic policy tightening led to conflict with the brother Johan and the High Court.

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Erik's illusory suspicion and fierceness led to Sturemorden in When he married Karin Månsdotter that same year, the nobility made the dukes upside down. In July he left Karin Månsdotter in the presence of councilors. Erik was deprived of the crown and was then detained at various castles in Sweden and Finland until he was probably murdered at the castle of Örbyhus at the command of Johan III. Erik was richly talented, had versatile interests and stood at the height of his formation.

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Erik was actually released to her before she became queen and was divorced and supervised by her suspicious half-sister, "Bloody Mary. But the apostasy to Elizabeth was rejected. Erik had a number of lovers: Agda Persdotter, Anna Larsdotter, Karin Jakobsdotter, Karin Pedersdotter, Britta and Ingrid; all of them mentioned until and these women had some sort of semi-functional position in the vicinity of Eriks.

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From it was Karin Månsdotter, who became Erik's mistress and later also a wife. The Swedish tradition of eating crayfish was introduced by Erik XIV - he was very fond of crayfish and cultivated them in the moat around Kalmar Castle. When his sister Anna was married, he ordered the fiancé at Nyköping's castle to procure a large amount of crayfish for the wedding.

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Until the 19th century there were a large amount of crayfish in Swedish waters, but the rural population did not think they were human food. By contrast, the medieval monks abound with crayfishes, especially during the fasting.

Cancer was counted as fish, which they were allowed to eat. According to an expert, an opening in by Erik XIV's grave did not provide proof that the arsenic found was the result of a poisoning. Another expert's conclusion was that "the whole finding thus fully supports the assumption that Erik XIV has been poisoned with arsenic.


Cannons, hand grenades, and up to a thousand soldiers were on board the large Swedish warship when it exploded in the Baltic Sea, years ago. The remains were discovered at the bottom of the Baltic Sea innear to the Swedish island of Öland.

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The latest discoveries from the wreckage were revealed during a press conference in Öland. We can see from the wreckage that it was a very intense and tough battle.


Between and 1, men were on board. That is comparable to the population of an entire medium-sized town at the time. Read More: Researchers discover remains of sunken Swedish warship The ship contained silver treasure Researchers had previously discovered silver treasure among the Mars wreckage. This time, one of the most spectacular finds was a large grapnel grappling hook an anchor-like gustav vasa dating sweden, which hung from the bowsprits of warships and was used to cling onto another ships in order to board it.

Grapnels are illustrated in historical sources from the 16th century, but no actual surviving examples are known apart from this particular one, says Warming.

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Together with other exciting finds, it can shed new light on Medieval and Early Modern naval warfare. But shortly before, it had been under attack by Danish and Lübeckian warships according to written sources.

Danish soldiers, allied with soldiers from Lübeck, managed to defeat the Swedish crew and capture the warship.

Gustav Vasa - Swedish Militia \u0026 German Landsknechts (16th century warfare)

When the ship exploded and sank, it had three to four hundred Dano-Lübeckian soldiers aboard. They have documented a change in Swedish tactics from a focus on close quarter combat to long distance fighting, as indicated by large cannons up to 4. Despite the large cannons, the Swedish crew did not manage to avoid engaging in close quarter combat with their enemies. The soldiers aboard gustav vasa dating sweden positioned underneath a net that covered the deck and was designed to prevent the enemy from jumping on board — a so-called anti-boarding net.

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The Swedish Admiral, Jacob Bagge, describes in his own account of the battle how he was injured in the shoulder by a javelin thrown from one of the fighting tops of the enemy ships. Read More: Medieval shipwreck hints at psychological warfare A snapshot of a moment in time Untilhistorians relied on written sources for information about what happened to Mars, including letters from the Danish admiral Herluf Trolle and the Swedish admiral Jacob Bagge, and official royal ålidhem dejta kvinnor. But the shipwreck provides an entirely different type of documentation.

Many people wanted to claim the honour of defeating the Mars for various political reasons. But when we study the wreckage itself we see a large congruency between the wreck site and the historical sources.

One of the most striking observations was that it really was sunk by a large explosion. For maritime archaeologist Mikkel Thomsen from the Viking Ship Museum, Denmark, looking at the well preserved, and complete remains captures a snapshot of a gustav vasa dating sweden in time.