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Kirinchi is an area south west in Sumatra where we think there is great potential. There are a few cooperatives there, and we started this project in cooperation with a local small roaster in Bandung in Java, called David Irawan, that really loves to engage with the producers and work on quality preparation together with the farmers.

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Based on our experience from last year we decided to do one prep only, an improved natural process. But we also realised that if we wanted to do a different process we needed help on the ground.

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The outcome has been great. Örebro single Korintji, also called Alko Cooperative, is a cooperative with about members, and about hectares in total.

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They grow coffee from — masl, its mixed varieties, but mainly Sigararutang and Andung Sari. The coffee cherries are floated and sorted, then dried as one layer in green houses for the first 5 days. Then they slowly build up the layers.

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Drying takes around örebro single days in total. Svenska Ett relativt nytt project där Nordic Approach har valt att gå in och hjälpa till i ett område i Sydvästra Sumatra där det finns stor potential. Det här är ett samarbete med ett lokalt litet rosteri i Badung i Java som heter David Irawan.

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Även smaker av Apelsin, Svartavinbär, yogurt.