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Oh no, there's been an error Ships, cupmarks, and weapons are among images carved at both sites. They both have a connection to fresh water and are in close proximity to stone ships. These two rock carving sites show a connection to the sea and a maritime identity in both their images and the surrounding cultural landscape.

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The rock carving in Lye has a smaller number of images, only cupmarks and a pair of foot soles. It is located in a different landscape which does not exhibit a connection to water in any way but instead shows a link to the land. This indicates that the rock carvings on Gotland had a connection to both the water and the land.

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This thesis examines the carbonised bread findings from sites and cremation graves dated to the first millennium AD occurring in the eastern Mälar Valley region. Rune stone before Gripsholm castle entrance - Picture of Gripsholm Castle, Mariefred - Tripadvisor; dating app i selånger! Contact us - Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. The finds have been analysed by various methods including cell-structure analysis, chemical analysis, experimental and reconstructive examination, 14 C-dating and statistical comparison.


An attempt is made to identify the different stages and actors in the bread-making process. The finds of different utensils and other equipment usually related to food preparation, bread-making and a vegetable diet are presented. Bread was introduced into central Sweden at the same time that a series of food-technical artefacts turn up in the north-Germanic cultural sphere.

When bread first appears during the Late Roman Iron Age it most likely is as a sign of power applied to official occasions. The introduction of bread seems to be connected with the rotary quern which is strongly associated with defended settlements in Scandinavia where finds of utensils and activities indicate a specialization of food-production and related processes.

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Bread burial appears to have dating apps i mariefred reserved for specific individuals in society and this custom seems to have continued over several centuries in the same cemetery.

Bread obviously served as a social marker in the burial ceremony, playing a role which was obvious to the participants but not meant to be visible to outsiders after the burial.

This dissertation investigates how a symmetrical approach to archaeology can be applied to identify the properties and effects of the non-living, abiotic materials. The boulders tend to be studied from an anthropocentric point of view, in which they are seen primarily as passive objects, interpreted only for what they represent.

The objective of this research, however, is to gain new insights into the agency of boulders, and how they contributed to the practices carried out adjacent to them.

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The dissertation is based on a case study where a thematic analysis is performed, focusing on the properties and characteristics of boulders, their affordances, the distribution of finds and their interrelations, and the effects their relations generated. The results show that the boulders themselves contributed in human-stone relations and were vital in the formation of the grave-like features they became part of.

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It is argued that a symmetrical, non-anthropocentric approach to these features will broaden our view on materialities in the past, affording ontological as well as ecological implications. While levels of migration within countries have been trending down in a number of advanced economies, Sweden has recorded a rise in internal migration among young adults.

The collection grew through acquisitions, gifts and spoils of war during the time of the Swedish Empire. Some of the collections were lost during the fire in the Tre Kronor castle. During the later part of the 18th century, art and antiquities were bought by ambassadors and members of the royal family and collected at Stockholm Palace. That same year the Royal Museum Kongl.

An increase in aggregate migration levels can be the result of a decline in immobility i. In this paper, we draw on retrospective survey and longitudinal register data to explore the demographic mechanisms träffa tjejer i ljusne the rise in internal migration among young Swedes born in the 30 years to and we compare the migration behaviour of the youngest dating apps i mariefred to that of their European counterparts.

Of all 25 European countries, Sweden reports the highest level of migration among young adults, which is the result of very low immobility combined with high repeat älvsåker mötesplatser för äldre. File history The increase in migration has been particularly pronounced for inter-county moves for the post cohorts.

Analysis of order-specific components of migration shows that this is the result of a decrease in immobility combined with a modest rise in higher-order moves, whereas it is the rise in higher-order moves that underpins the increase in inter-parish migration.

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This upswing has been accompanied by a shift in the ages at migration, characterised by an earlier start and later finish leading to a lengthening of the number of years young adults are mobile. The results indicate that change in migration behaviour is order-specific, which underlines the need to collect and analyse migration by move order to obtain a reliable account of migration trends. This article examines the incised drawings of Early Phrygian Gordion, and in particular those of Megaton 2.

Aspects of their iconographic and archaeological contexts are taken in to consideration, as well as literary sources and especially the story of the Gordian knot.

Спросила Элли у октопаука. - На полном скаку страусозавр окажется в лесу через четыре вудена.

The focus of the study is a series of incised labyrinths, which have hitherto not been recognized as such, but which are of particular interest for the analysis of this building. Upplands Runinskrifter - Elias Wessén The myth of Theseus and the Minotaur in the labyrinth helps to throw light on both the images of Megaton 2 but also on the story of the Gordion knot, and how these are interlinked with each other.

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It is suggested that Ariadne's ball of thread and the Gordian knot are two different expressions of a dating apps i mariefred concept; both represent sovereignty provided by a Goddess.

Megaron 2 seems to have been a building that was intimately connected with both the king and the Phrygian Mother Goddess.

Upplands Runinskrifter - Elias Wessén

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