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Email Intimate Facts for Women A yttergran singel kvinna undergoes so many hormonal changes throughout her life with each stage bringing a plethora of hormonal fluctuations.

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Skin care for the private areas is one of the most under addressed issue. Women feel embarrassed to discuss or even ask questions regarding genital hygiene.

The Body Assents range is specially developed to cleanse and refresh the most sensitive area of your body. Is my intimate area actually skin?

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What causes irritation to intimate skin? Irritation can be caused by a change in pH level how acidic or alkaline something is.

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The pH-balance of the intimate skin is different to the pH of body skin and is naturally more acidic to prevent and discourage infections. But there are times when this delicate pH-balance changes, leaving you prone to irritation and infection.

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What can you do to reduce the risk of irritation? Understanding your body is key to maintaining a healthy intimate environment; yttergran singel kvinna example, if you know you always get thrush at a certain time of the month as part of your cycle make sure you take extra care at limiting irritants at those particular times.

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General tips: Drink cranberry juice for cystitis or try cranberry tablets from a health shop Take in plenty of water to flush bugs through the system Urinate before and after sex to flush through any bacteria passed from the vagina to the urethra.

Is this true?

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If you have an infection the most important thing is to limit irritation to sensitive skin, so advice in the past has been to restrict any use of soap or body washes. But we are talking about skin here and just as you want a clean face or underarms we all want to feel clean in that area too.

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Body Assents Intimacy wash, is specifically formulated and safe to use to get clean in this area. So is there a benefit to using Body Assents intimate hygiene products?

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The key thing in avoiding irritation is maintaining a healthy intimate pH and Body Assents products are formulated to be pH-balanced so they promote a protective environment in that area. Body Assents plays a protective role, however may not solve an existing problem consult your doctor or pharmacist for treatment if you think you have an infection but may help to reduce the symptoms caused by fluctuating pH levels.

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