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It covers from index 1. In optileks polarized catalogue you will find everything you need!

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Please note that ex- tended colors can have up to weeks extra lead time dependig on stock situation. Fritt Rättvik Gäller fr.


Spegelbehandlingar Optileks rättvik single som glasleverantör i Norden länge varit ledande då det gäller spegelbehandlingar. Samtliga våra speglar är egenutvecklade och testade för god hållbarhet. Dessa kan kombineras med glas i kategori 2,3,4.

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Vid klass 0 kan man uppleva en störande reflex. Ljusare glas ger en lägre spegeleffekt. Frontkurvan påverkar spegelns utseende, vi utgår från bas 5 i vår tillverkning, kupigare bas ger att färgen ändras mera mot kanten och flackare ger att färgen ändras mera i mitten.

Good for bright sunny days and have glare situations.

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Best uses included driving, deep-water fishing, boating. Grey-1 A lighter shades of Grey Grey-1 transmits colors evenly and allows for true colors evenly and allows for true color recognition. Good for a variety of activities on partly sunny to sunny days. Grey-Green G15 Grey-Green is similar to the color sensitivity of the human eye.

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This results in a natural vision and true colors that are easy on the eye. The Grey- Rättvik single lens significantly reduc- es light transmission.

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Best for bright sunny days. Brown-3 Provides excellent contrast and improves visual acuity and depth preception.

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This color re- duces blue light and is good for higly sunny and rättvik single condi- tions. Best for drving, golfing, and shallow water fishing. Brown-1 A lighter shade of Brown Brown-1 improves contrast and depth perception.

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An ideal lens for partly sunny to very sunny days. Copper Maximizes contrast making items brighter. Ideal for any application where good visual acuity is crucial. Great for fishing, golfing, rättvik single driving in varying conditions.

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This deep rose color increases contrast iand is great for activities in overcast or foggy conditions. Ruby is used by skiers, golfers, and on or near the water. Sun Flower Increases contrast and filters out some blue light. Used in low conditions, driving.

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Popular among shooters, hunters, and skiers. Rose See the world through rose colored glasses.

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The vibrant color increase contrast, and is great for fishing in the early morning or late evening. Rose is used by skiers, hunters, and target shooters in bright sunny conditions.

Grass A slightly better contrast than the grey colors. Grass main- tains true color balance and is a good choice for varying light conditions.

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Used for tennis, driving, fishing, and golf, gammalstorp- ysane dejta kvinnor well as an all-purpose color. Violett This lens dampens certain backgrounds and increase contrast. Violet is often used by shooters in average or bright conditions. Also used for cross country skiing, golfing, snow- mobiling or to show of a good tan.

Sunset Increase contrast and blocks blue light.

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Good for hiking, gar- dening, biking, boarding, or just relaxing in overcast or partly cloudy conditions. This is the most common lens color used for clay target shooting.

Grey-3 High Efficiency Polarzied filter. To achive good vision in wrap lens- es, sports as well as fashion ones we have a special lens that com- pensate the optics to a get wide and well working field of view. Index from 1. Trifocal segment location 2,5mm in, 2mm down. Cross at pupil - Reading zone starts approx 4mm down. Inclined bevel with step on backside.

Wowdim comes from Dalarna Hej där! Jag är trött på ensamheten och vill gärna träffa någon att somna med och vakna upp bredvid.

Do you have glazings that seems inpossible? A sports frame that needs inclined bevel to avoid the lenses dropping out? Optileks are used to handle frames from all major and minor supplier on the market and have many shapes already setup for sportbrands like Adidas, Julbo, Rudy Project, Wiley X, Progear etc. Optileks AB Badhusgatan 6 E-mail: info optileks.